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At Amber Whitecliffe we are 100% owned and operated in Auckland, New Zealand, with a strong mindfulness towards ethical and sustainable practices. Ethical and sustainable fashion is about designing and manufacturing clothes in a way that cares for people and communities while minimising the impact on the environment.


Ethical fashion focuses on the fair treatment of the people at every stage along the supply chain; turning raw materials, into wearable clothes hanging in your wardrobe. At Amber Whitecliffe we ensure individuals are paid fairly for their skills, work in safe environments and are hugely valued.

Our staff members all work from their personal homes with dedicated workrooms to pattern make, cut, and sew, as well as package & send all our garments. 


We maintain awareness towards sustainable practices by ensuring we consider the design process and aim to have minimal waste. If there are any off-cuts from cutting a garment out, we keep it and reuse it for other things, such as; smaller pieces for other garments, toiles. We sell left over fabrics to our followers and other people in the fashion industry or donate them to Starship hospital, local kindergartens and universities to use for various things.

We source 90% of our fabrics, threads, buttons, zippers, shoulder pads and other trimmings from local agents and suppliers in New Zealand. We also buy fabrics from India and Amber personally visits the companies in Mumbai frequently to ensure they are of a high standard quality and ethically produced.


We are focused on making small runs of high-quality clothing. Amber Whitecliffe is a designer brand and our aim is to create beautiful, well-made garments that will be loved and used for decades. We have a strong focus on our garments being trans-seasonal.  We believe the true value of clothing is in it's design, ones that can transcend through trends. We appreciate quality over quantity. Going forward we will be creating all of our stock on a made-to-order basis, so that we are not over-producing garments.

We also offer to repair and alter our garments for customers if needed, to cover the general wear and tear so they are able to be worn for longer. Our alterations costs are very reasonable, so do contact us to extend the life of your Amber Whitecliffe garment.


We do our best to be tidy kiwis strive to reuse and recycle where possible. We re-use office paper, have reusable takeaway coffee cups in our kitchen to be used at neighbouring coffee shops, return used fabric cores to the suppliers, and repurpose packaging from other suppliers. Every little bit helps!


We work with an amazing designer rental company, Oh Rent Me, who have a selection of Amber Whitecliffe garments available for hire, perfect for any upcoming special occasions or last minute disasters! This new trend of renting is such a great way to contribute to the environment as it means less garments are being made, and instead quality garments are being enjoyed more!


We have always held a strong importance in supporting our local businesses. We work with other locally run companies for events, and we have put lots back into the community with our charity run events. The last two years we have supported Hearts 4 Kids through raffles and fashion show ticket sales all going to the charity.


Amber is also really passionate about teaching fashion students and small business owners coming through about the realities of starting their own business. We have taken on interns regularly each year (NB: We are currently not offering internships. However, we are still running our mentoring programme).

Amber has mentored many young NZ brands over the years (not just fashion). Amber will meet with you one-on one to discuss your business plan, goals, budgeting, give you tips, industry contacts and support. If you are interested in being mentored by Amber for a one-off consultation or on-going; please get in touch.


We are by no means perfect, but we are doing our best and are proud of our efforts for a small company, always looking for ways to improve.


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