ODE TO TAYLOR High Summer 15

High Summer 15

‘Ode To Taylor’ High Summer 2015 exudes girlyness, innocence and Summer dreaming; flying kites, riding bicycles, eating ice-cream, chasing butterflies, blowing bubbles and picking flowers.

Taylor Swift has had a huge influence on me recently. Not only do I love her music with personal and uplifting lyrics but I have a huge admiration for her succes at such a young age, her ambition and determination but most of all her grounded nature witheld throughout all the fame. Taylor Swift embraces being herself, showing her silly side and embodies girlish elegance.

Whilst designing this collection I used my perception of Taylor as my muse as I would like women of any age who wear Amber Whitecliffe garments to embrace colour, femininity and their uniqueness.

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Model  //  Sophie Mclean from Red 11
Photography  //  Hilary Johnson
Make up & Hair // Deanne Pinto
Assistant // Britney Hazledine


Amber Whitecliffe High Summer 15


November 23, 2014