MRS PINTO Summer 14

Summer 14/15

My new name has been a little bit of an adjustment, but I was excited to inherit another culture and eager to look further into my new identity, and what it meant.

My husband is Anglo-Indian, meaning a mix of Indian and another heritage, and in his case, their descendants were migrants into India from Portugal. Therefore, the colours, designs and aesthetics that come from Portugal have been used as inspiration for my summer range.

I was particularly inspired by the floral patterns used in the tiles and porcelain in Portugal and the colour red, which appeared to be very dominant in the fashion.

The hero fabric was a print designed by myself and Tess Seven, using the national colours of the flag. This was painted with watercolour and then printed onto a beautiful silk.

One of the fun adjustments in my new family has been the spicy food, hence the chilli’s in our photo shoot!

Mrs Pinto is feminine but tailored, and a fresh, vibrant look for Summer. I have thoroughly enjoyed producing this collection!

Model  //  Charlotte Moor from Vanity Walk
Photography  //  Julie Cooper
Makeup  //  Deanne Pinto (using Karen Murrell Lipstick)
Hair  //  Toni-Anne (Schwarzkopf NZ)
Earrings  //  Veronica B


Amber Whitecliffe Summer 14/15


October 23, 2014