MERAKI Winter 13

MERAKI Winter 13

Merkai– Winter 2013

This collection was inspired by Amber’s recent trip to the Greek Islands. Meraki in Greek means; “to do something with soul, creativity or love”.  Amber was truly captivated by the beauty of these small islands, in particular Santorini.  Seeing such beautiful places gave a new appreciation to what beauty can do to the soul.  Finding a purpose and credibility for a career in fashion is something that she has struggled with. However, this trip along with many occasions where she has witnessed people’s experience of simply ‘looking great makes you feel great’ has contributed to this gained confidence that fashion design certainly contributes to those feelings of happiness and self worth to women in our community. She turned her focus for this season to garments that make you feel beautiful, and was inspired by imagery of Greek goddesses.  Long beautiful dresses, with a sense of form or restriction, use of gold detailing and rich jeweled colours. The pieces in this winter collection illustrate luxury and elegance.  Amber has focused on designing key pieces that will sit in your wardrobe for those days were you say; “I want to look fabulous and be noticed today”.


Amber Whitecliffe Winter 13


June 27, 2013