Josie & Nikolas’s Wedding

Josie & Nikolas’s Wedding

April 16th- Mudbrick Vineyard, Auckland

Josie had a very clear vision of what she wanted for her wedding, and was is so cool to see it come together! We made 4 custom bridesmaid dresses. One black one for the groom’s sister and Three white for the bride’s side. One of which was for Josie’s pregnant sister, we slightly altered the design to sit over Mel’s gorgeous belly.

Hi Amber! The dresses looked great, simple and elegant, just the look I was going for.  Mel looked really good – the dress fell beautifully over her pregnant belly!.  It was an amazing wedding, lots of fun!  Josie xx {Bride}
Photography: Michael Flynn Photography
Hair/make up: Steph from Beauty Guru
Flowers: Josie’s Gran! (Jill Thorne)



April 16, 2016