INDO-AOTEROA Limited Collection 16

INDO-AOTEROA Limited Collection 16

Limited Collection 2016

With the combination of growing social media and the continuation of vast migrants to New Zealand; Global trends are very much part of our society. One of the largest migrant groups in New Zealand is India, and I have found particular intrege in the Indian culture through their beautiful textiles. Embroidery, beading and colour excite me as a designer. Thus I chose to further develop my designs using these textiles to express the fusion of Indian and Kiwi fashion; Indo Aotearoa. When it comes to fashion, cultural inspiration makes for unique and interesting designs. I had the privilege of meeting James Feriera an Indian based designer known for mixing European couture with traditional Indian ideas. He informed me that the acceptance of his designs has only become widely spread in the last 5 years, and this was quite evident when perusing the fashion houses in Delhi. I enjoyed incorporating Indian fabrics into my own commercial designs, that people living in New Zealand would enjoy; A modernised Sari, Bollywood dress and mixed typical western tailored garments with Indian textiles. My base colour being white to represent Aotearoa and to accentuate the colours.


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Model // Tania from Bintang Models
Photography // Julie Cooper
Assistant Photographer // Kalana Dayarante
Hair & Makeup // Deanne Pinto



Amber Whitecliffe Limited Collection 16


February 22, 2016