EXPLORE-Spring 16

EXPLORE-Spring 16

EXPLORE – Spring 2016
Amber Whitecliffe’s Spring 2016 celebrates the concept of wanderlust; a strong desire to travel.  Explore captures two ideas; the idea of exploring your creativity and the world through travel.  Together they embody the spirit of this season’s collection.
Staff member, Jessica Greetham, was presented with the opportunity to design a seasonal range. Jessica was able to explore her tailored aesthetic and identity within the Amber Whitecliffe style; combining staple AW silhouettes and fabrics with new approaches to designs.
Drawing inspiration from a trip to London, Explore showcases flared sleeves, tailored skirts and classic trousers. The garments take a step away from the feminine prints of Amber Whitecliffe, and embrace a bold sense of style; asking the AW woman to have confidence in the way she dresses, to take charge and express herself.
A seasonal shift of textures takes place as we navigate Spring dressing with lightweight wool suiting, three dimensional florals, lurex tweed along with beautiful silk blends and tencels.
A colour palette of royal navy, soft blues, camel, khaki, crisp whites and textured blacks build the collection that is Explore.

Shop collection


Photography // Kate Jenkins

Models // Unique Model Management; Liv & Erin

Make up // Deanne Pinto

Hair // Kate Jenkins

Shoes // REB Footwear

Location // Whitecliffe College

Assistants // Amber Pinto & Alex Larkin



September 6, 2016