AROHA Spring 14

AROHA Spring 14

Spring 14

My recent wedding in April 2014 was used as inspiration for this Spring collection.

Throughout the process of preparing for my wedding I became aware of two families becoming one and the different cultures combining (myself NZ Maori/European and my husband Portuguese/Indian).

My Maori heritage has always been something I haven’t really embraced, mainly because of my appearance and my father (where my Maori blood comes from) is no longer alive to teach me the language or rituals. Therefore, this Spring collection formed a fantastic platform for me to learn and tell my story.

In the garments I steered away from any literal representations, expressing my lack of confidence in my Maori pride. Instead, I designed using current trends and taking the aesthetics visually from the mood board of our wedding; a colour palette of gold, white, cream and navy blue. All the garments have hidden meanings in the fabric choices and I chose to give them all relatable maori names.

This beautiful range reflects luxury and grandeur that weddings entail but with a fun and slight rustic feel that encapsulates my husband and I’s personalities.

Photography // Julie Cooper
Model // Natua Holmes (Red 11)
Hair & Make up // Deanne Pinto


Amber Whitecliffe Spring 14


August 13, 2014