• Rosewood – Winter 17

    Rosewood – Winter 2017 By Amber Whitecliffe This collection was inspired the characters in the mystery-thirller TV series, Pretty Little Liars. The pieces featured in Rosewood are influenced by the

  • AW Bridal #loveadventure17

    AW BRIDAL #loveadventure17 By Amber Whitecliffe The modern bride of today is someone who wants a wedding dress in which they can spend their special day in, no matter what kind

  • Painter’s Daughter-Summer 17

    PAINTER’S DAUGHTER Summer 2017 Amber Whitecliffe’s Summer 2017 celebrates the artistic license to create whatever your heart desires. “Painter’s Daughter” encapsulates Amber’s artistic upbringing with her father being an artist

  • BY YOUR SIDE-High Summer 17

    BY YOUR SIDE-High Summer 17 AW Bridesmaid Dresses   We LOVE helping with Weddings.  The girls, you as a bride have chosen to stand By Your Side are always special people in your lives.

  • EXPLORE-Spring 16

    EXPLORE – Spring 2016 Amber Whitecliffe’s Spring 2016 celebrates the concept of wanderlust; a strong desire to travel.  Explore captures two ideas; the idea of exploring your creativity and the world through

  • Pink Nouveau-Winter 16

    Pink Nouveau Winter 2016 Come in from the cold and warm up in the new winter range Pink Nouveau. Amber Whitecliffe celebrates women’s busy life styles and the importance of

  • INDO-AOTEROA Limited Collection 16

    Limited Collection 2016 With the combination of growing social media and the continuation of vast migrants to New Zealand; Global trends are very much part of our society. One of

  • THE GARDEN CITY High Summer 16

    Internationally famed ‘The Garden City’, Christchurch’s well-established expansive parks and public gardens owe much to the planning and foresight of the city’s founding fathers. The centrally-located 161 hectare Hagley Park,


    Drawing inspiration from Moroccan interior design and architecture, Golden Pavilion explores the lush and romantic fantasy of a Moroccan holiday. This Spring collection has a colour palette of blues, typical of Moroccan