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coffee scrub

I have been told by my intern Amy that the “Frank Coffee Scrub” is the new thing this summer! So we did some research on how to make this incredible product yourself-turns out its quite easy!……

“I’m a huge fan of coffee grounds, and not just for your morning cup, but for your body as well” explains Jessica Kernochan, founder of eco beauty brand LaLicious. “The caffeine can help diminish the appearance of cellulite, and the coconut oil will hydrate and smooth your skin to perfection.”

Coffee is good for more than just your morning hit. This DIY Coffee Scrub is good for exfoliating that precious skin of yours, while the caffeine in the coffee grounds may help liven and plump the skin. It just basicaly exfoliates your skin and gets rid of any cellulite, leaving your body summer ready!!

To make your own coffee scrub you will need :

1/2 cup coffee grounds

1/4 cup brown sugar

olive oil


1. While in the shower and after you have already washed the area

2. Apply olive oil to your areas with cellulite.

3. Combine the coffee grounds and brown sugar.

4. Use the coffee scrub on your cellulite areas by moving in circular motions.

5. Let it sit on your legs with the water off.

6. After 10 minutes, simply rinse the mixture off with warm water, pat dry and apply your moisturizer.

By the way, “there is no need to use new coffee grinds, I use USED coffee grinds from my coffee maker and always have. This scrub is quite messy so I recommend using it in the shower vs. the sink. I use it for face and body, then simply rinse it off. No need to moisturize afterwards the olive oil does that for you!”

Here is how it works:  The coffee grounds will stimulate a surface blood flow to the affected area, this will enable the fatty deposits to circulate and over time diminish. The Sea Salt acts as an exfoliator and aids in the blood flow stimulation during the scrub. Finally the Olive Oil is the binding agent for these two dry ingredients and will naturally hydrate the skin.

I havent tried it myself yet, but I plan to this weekend! Enjoy. Can’t wait for the summer holidays!

Much Love, Amber xx




Walking For Dreams


Fashion Show this Thursday! Who’s coming??

I have teamed up with Miss International New Zealand 2012 Hannah Carson to host this Fashion Show to raise money for Koru Care NZ and to help Hannah get to Germany. I love this choosen charity of Hannah’s; it is run by volunteers who make dreams come true for seriously ill and disabled children. One of the cool things they do is take them and their siblings to Disneyland! Such a great idea. If you want to know more check out the website

On the night not only will there be a Fashion Show featuring Amber Whitecliffe Summer 13/14 Collection Thumbelina but their will be free wine and goodie bags and a silent auction featuring: R&V Tickets-value of $460!, two gorgeous necklaces from Veronica B, a Blush Baby make up pack valued at $260, A voucher for Carena West -Swim, a race wear  headpiece by Claire Hahn Costume that was worn by Supermodel Kylie Bax to the Melbourne Cup, The gorgeous Daisy Shirt by Amber Whitecliffe and lots more!

So grab your tickets by emailing Hannah:

Can’t wait to see you there!

Much Love, Amber xx


Creative Spaces


I have a love/hate relationship with the internet. It is so amazing that it annoys me! How is it humanly possible to just do your work and then sign off, when with a simple click you can discover amazing things that lead to hours of enjoyable distraction! Today I discovered this great site and scrolled through what felt like hundreds of pages. I have chosen my favourite images from Studio Home of inspiring spaces belonging to New Zealanders and Australians in the creative industry. I would kill to have a space like this! one day……..


The site was also filled with some great insights of what the owner Julia learnt from each artist she visited:

  • Creativity doesn’t live solely with what is perceived as cool.  It’s important to realise that there are clever, creative brains and hands behind most products in our everyday life – I think that it takes the most clever to design for functional living.
  • Fashion and design is one thing, but to translate that into a career it is vital you have a firm understanding of the realities of business. Marketing, branding, production, logistics, finance. These don’t just happen.
  • Being transparent and sharing your knowledge with others will not break down your brand. Try to avoid looking sideways at your competition and instead work at focussing your energy on building a business that is entirely true to you and your own goals.
  • It’s true – there is safety in numbers….there is also creativity, inspiration, a shoulder to cry on and communal wine. Shared workspace is the way of the future for the solo small creative business.
  • “it’s better to make mistakes on a small scale than on a large one” – so get in and experiment, learn and cut your fingers early so that you build a strong and proven base for your business to grow on.
  • Building the “right” team that gels, communicates and shares an aesthetic will be the difference between a brand and an AWESOME brand.
  • Art can be a business without sacrificing creativity. Go get it done.
  • Change – as scary and as disruptive as it can be, does make way for new opportunity if you choose to be brave enough to take it.

Much Love, Amber xx


Dress Season


What do women love most? DRESSES! I am absolutely in love with the new Limited Edition Dress range.  They are fun, colourful and totally channeling the Amber Whitecliffe style of feminine and eye-catching! New Years, Weddings, Summer BBQs, The Races, Christmas Parties-you name it I have you sorted! The dresses are going fast, I only have one left of most, so contact me asap! However I do have an amazing collection of other magical fabrics so if your favourite dress is gone I may be able to make it in something else just as special! Email me and you can make a time to visit my studio in Auckland.

Get shopping girls! click here

Much Love, Amber xx




Model// Jennifer Tooley from Vanity Walk Models • Talent • Modelling School
Photography// Julie Cooper Photography
Make up & Hair// Deanne Pinto
Accessories// Veronica B


Amber Whitecliffe Babes

rebe 3IMG_8959IMG_8960IMG_8890IMG_8901IMG_8808IMG_8929IMG_8931

I had to show you these gorgeous pictures by Becki Moss Photography of Rebe Burgees from NZ Style Collective in Amber Whitecliffe Designs:

 Hera Dress, Love Top & Rose Skirt, Demeter Dress and Nyx Shirt & Eirene Skirt.

It has been really exciting seeing so many people wear and enjoy their garments from Amber Whitecliffe. I love seeing how “babe’n” women look and feel in my designs. I have created two great Albums on Facebook Customers of AW and Custom Made AW which have been really fun to add to as my fan base grows. Have a browse through because it is great to see what kind of things I can do, if your looking for a unique garment, or if you just want to see my designs from each collection on a real person (no offense my gorgeous models!)

Today marks one year exactly since my fashion show launch! thank you to everyone who has supported me so far, this journey has only JUST begun!

Much Love, Amber x

(see more images from this post here


Round Two


Last weekend we hosted a SALE in our Auckland studio, thank you so much to all who supported me and came along. Lots of people went away (wasn’t the weather gorgeous!) and missed out so have requested I extend it……YOU’RE IN LUCK! This weekend will be your last chance to get Amber Whitecliffe garments at fabulous prices.

It is 2DAYS ONLY, so don’t miss out! Below is just a taste of what there is to offer! Collections; Cross Roads (Summer 12/13), Meraki (Winter ’13) and Thumbelina (Summer 13/14) as well as samples, one off garments and our new High Summer ’14 which is coming out soon!

If your size isn’t there, you can order it for the SALE price. Cash, cheques and internet banking accepted.

Can’t wait to see you all.

Much Love, Amber xx

cross roads



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Flower Child

Ok so it appears I have a massive obsession with flowers! You may of noticed the Amber Whitecliffe Instagram feed is full of floral imagery and my ranges generally have a floral lace or a flower print as the main cloth. So I decided to go all out this time!

Last week we shot the new High Summer 2013/14 Range, “Limited Edition Dress Collection” we used fresh flowers to hang as the back drop against a white bricked wall studio. This was a fun idea, we changed the colours throughout the day of shooting and we consistently were spraying them with water to keep them as fresh and magical looking as possible. The dynamite team for this fun shoot consisted of:

Model //Jennifer Tooley from Vanity Walk, Photographer // Julie Cooper, Make up & Hair // Deanne Pinto, Assistants // Elroy Pinto and Amy Lee, and myself!

The collection for High Summer is a Limited Edition range of purely dresses! These were created with the races, summer BBQs, christmas parties, weddings and New Years in mind. I love designing dresses, they are always the item in your wardrobe that feels a little more special. Problem is, New Zealand in particular is so small that it is highly likely to find someone wearing the same outfit as you to one of those events! So I have designed 19 new dresses that are VERY limited (I am talking only 1-3 people can have the same fabric) and they can be made to order in your size. As well as designing summer and winter ranges I enjoy doing bridesmaid dresses and custom designs on the side, so this was I guess a taste into the possibilities I can offer. One-off designs are my passion, every woman has a different style and taste, not to mention a unique body and things about it they want to hide and show off-we are such self conscious creatures! So, if you cant find that unique dress you have been looking for or you simply just want a new one to sit in your wardrobe ready for the next occasion, come visit me at my studio.

This new collection will be out November 1st! (However if you come to the SALE  this weekend you will see them before everyone else!) -Details on the facebook page.

6pT3wjeJheBzF9LdR6dKuHx-3dFvFXgRHgObnhzouyw,vjQxZN8jNxK70kwpLLBhCBiEuILUILTF6BKDaQbpCH4 D5lNyoJtuR2_E4-OOh66OdZSMzPoDxNtRrFSZi53DF8,o5t-MdgAdkeadEJxGWikWiXxCejs0KeFeMg2nlWltnc RQ1Hs1XP3fypy0ryh1WYpGMHChc6R5aOAE7-aHJjVaM xQI6MYtF5fRbIuMMbMZxPDZxGs3wrBcAwzIkyPWJ68E,_sFHB-blC62SlS9q2gMT5gyc2JZZ65k3NSEgQz0e_O0

* Photos above by Amy Lee from She Left the House


Much love, Amber xx


Can you keep up?

There is so much going on at the moment even I cant keep up!

Thumbelina, the new summer range for 2013/14 was released about 3 weeks ago-and we have had such amazing response to the colourful feminine range. The “Spider dress” has already sold out so we are re-cutting it with a beautiful new lace for the back panel! In November, we are going to be stocked in our first ever boutique, which is exciting. It is a brand new store named Lana Boutique based in Takapuna, Auckland.  Garments from this range, some limited edition items and also favourites from previous ranges will be stocked there.  I have been busy sewing officially, my largest order ever! If I had to pick 5 items from the new summer range to take away for a weeks holiday (ohhh cant wait for a summer holiday!), my choices would be the ones below: The Violet Dress, Maia top, Bluebird shorts, Love top and Tulip dress……

c5sLmzdAB7uiqcCcMgrAAiHXQnEQ442mVwGL-DTMYCs4vgZ02YJQF8IcxFbv9132g_4ww1vD7KXijFjsHNDE_A6_a6wF9VUiBGCwJvgdf7L5h8OPgglTqE-2SxrStcYjU QSmk4L-QF0dQJLfV2bmZTCkPDl3rDkYmn5b54Srrksg


Sunday just been we shot the “High Summer” range, I am so excited to show you, the team we had was dynamite and the images are incredible! Winter 2014 designs are also underway!!

Last but not least I am busy organizing the SALE for this long weekend, you can find all the details here:

Thats all for now, gotta get back to sewing! enjoy the beautiful day in the sun.

Much love, amber x




Need a new casual summer outfit? Going to a wedding or the races? Just want a new dress for absolutely no reason? Perfect! because we are having SALE!

I have been busy sewing up a storm recently so there will be lots of samples and limited edition pieces made just for the SALE, as well as Cross Roads Summer 12/13 range, Meraki Winter 13/14 and the new Summer 13/14 range-Thumbelina!

Please bring cash, cheques or internet banking details.

Oh! and did I mention there will be drink, nibbles and music too?! If you know me at all you know that I cant have an event go buy without cupcakes present!

So come join the fun, celebrate the long weekend and bring all your girlfriends!

Look forward to seeing you.

Much love, Amber xx


Melbourne Love Affair

Pick 1

Last weekend I went to Melbourne. I actually LOVE that city, it’s such a nice home away from home.  In the last couple of years I have been about 5 times.  Every time I go I try new things. Here are my five favourite places I went to this visit. Pick One above was a gorgeous macaroon store named, A La Folie on Chapel Street.  The treats were really little works of art and every crumb was mouth watering!

Pick 2

Pick Two, ZARA on Bourke street. Do I really need to explain!? Lets just say I got half was through the store, and had to go to the changing rooms because I literally couldn’t walk anymore;I had so many clothes in my hands! This chain store has got to be one the most successful in branding, pricing and design. Zara has created a reputation for stocking a variety of high-end designers’ looks at a fraction of the cost. Did you know that ZARA dispatches new styles globally to all stores twice a week and, if a design does not sell within a week, it is withdrawn and replaced by a new one.  Just incredible.

Pick 3.

Pick Three was a little place we had lunch at called Kazbar, on Chapel Street also. I had a gnocchi salad-hands down the best gnocchi I have ever tried, and amazing service. The waiters were full of life which really made the whole experience a good one.

Pick 4

Pick Four for all you fabric-a-holics, The Fabric Store on Brunswick Street is a must. We do have stores here in New Zealand but the Melbourne one was just a notch up! More fabrics and maybe it was just the timing of when I went in, but I thought a much more exciting collection of cloth too! I picked up a few things which I will be using in my next collection….

Pick 5

Pick Five, of course the Laneways mainly in the city centre. Melbourne wouldn’t be the same without them; known as one of the great street art capitals for its unique expressions of art displayed on approved outdoor locations. I think it is awesome the council have let these areas be a free for all spot. This time I actually got to see some kids at work, making some wicked tags and imagery on the walls. I think it would be awesome if Auckland could adopt something like this.

Much Love, Amber xx