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E L I S A B E T H . K W A N

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A quick word with designer Elisabeth Kwan

At Amber Whitecliffe boutique we stock E L I S A B E T H . K W A N
We love the product and the designer behind it! So we thought we would give  you a little insight to her brand and philosophy.

A: Hi Elisabeth! What are you inspired by?

E: Right now, origami! Otherwise my inspirations stem from minimalism, elegance and penguins.

A: What’s your brand’s philosophy?
E: I started off designing simple, yet staple leathergoods for myself and I enjoyed the process of leather-craft. So I wanted to carry that throughout my collections; to design and make products with love and deliver them to my customers who also need and like the aesthetics of my brand.
A: How do you create and maintain relationships with your customers?
E: I do custom made orders as well as personalisations for my products. So it’s very important to me when I get to exchange ideas with like-minded people (clients), who are also after something simple and unique. I think it’s a great way to get some feedback from them, where I can expand my skills, improve my products and maintain relationships with my clients.
A: What is your ultimate goal?
E: My ultimate goal is to create premium quality leathergoods and eventually working with sleepwear, loungewear and ready to wear that are all produced locally, ethically, eco-friendly and fair trade.
A: Thanks Liz! You can visit the website and facebook to see all her amazing products!

Also, EXCITING NEWS!! We are running an EK giveaway: Check out our Instagram and Facebook to see how you can be in to WIN a gorgeous natural leather Pussy Cat Bow!

Much Love, Amber xx

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AW Loves Magenta


AW Loves Magenta

We are loving Magenta at the moment! Candy yum yum lipstick from M.AC, Our Wool Cashmere Sugar Blazer and Matching Shorts, Fuscia flowers to add vibrancy to a room or office, Hot Strawberry Pants from Amber Whitecliffe, and of course a sweet treat in pink always makes you smile! Embrace bold colour this winter, it will brighten your winters day!

*See the individual images from the magenta mood-board on our pinterest page 

Much Love, Amber x

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Bring ’em back!!

I have recently had quite a few orders for pieces from my last year’s winter range Meraki-as a selection of them were in such high demand I have re-cut those styles and popped them instore, so if you havn’t already; come check out this very popular range. My favourite is the Athena Jacket, its made from a  Tangerine Wool Cashmere Poly (the 20% polyester makes the fabric have a felt like quality on the surface, meaning it wont pill and will stay looking crisp and pristine for much longer-ideal huh!), perfect for this extremely cold weather in NZ!!

Much Love, Amber xx

Brooke pants 1Aphrodite coat 2Eirene Skirt 1Demeter Top 1Da Silva Dress 2

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Homemade infused water


Homemade infused water. Just add the fruit and let it sit for or at least 30 minutes, or for amazing results-about 4 hours before drinking. And drink it out of a jar with a paper straw-just cause thats what all the cool cats do!  It looks so refreshing doesn’t it?, gosh makes me want summer to come back! However I am sure you could do it with boiling water and create home made tea! yum…….

Why should you drink infused waters? Because infused waters are good for detoxification energy and hydration. Here are some flavour suggestions and what they do…

1. Green tea, mint, and lime – For fat burning, digestion, headaches, congestion and breath freshener.

2. Strawberry and kiwi – For cardiovascular health, immune system protection, blood sugar regulation, digestion.

3. Cucumber, lime, and lemon – For water weight management, bloating, appetite control, hydration, digestion

4. Lemon, lime, and orange – For digestion vitamin C, immune defense, heartburn, (Drink this one at room temperature)

Share this idea with your friends and family!

Much Love, Amber x

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Captives NZ


I just got in stock these yummy candles by a Kiwi owned business named CAPTIVES!

NZ University students Cindy Tan and Courtney MacKinnon own this gorgeous wee brand and have created the most delicious smelling flavours all made from Natural Soy Wax with either cotton or wood wicks-this means they are long lasting in burn time AND the woodwick ones crackle and burn just like a wood fire! oh! how perfect to make your home all snuggly and relaxing.

Just in time for Mothers Day these gorgeous candles would make a great gift at $40 (for cotton wick) and $45 (for woodwick)

We have 3 scents currently: Coconut Lime, Pomegranate and Sweet Pea & Vanillia-hard to choose I know!

Check out their Facebook page too!

Much Love, Amber xx




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Artistic Family

My Younger brother Laken Whitecliffe is about to graduate with a Fine Arts Degree from Montclair State  University in New York. He is an extremely talented artist and I am so proud of him! He recently came back to NZ for my wedding and gave me the best wedding gift-a mural painting! Laken spent the majority of the week he was in Auckland at my store painting this gorgeous floral mural on the back wall. I am so excited to have his artwork to look at everyday. Just took some quick snaps so, you will have to come visit the store and see the beautiful work for yourself.

Also! Check out Laken’s facebook page here and website here

Much love, Amber xx


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Happy Easter!

easter blog

Hope you all had a relaxing break and didn’t eat too much chocolate!

I love getting crafty over Easter.

Much Love, Amber xx


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April Mood-Board

april mood board


Much Love, Amber x

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Ball Dress Sale!

image_1 image_2If you have subscribed to our mailing list you would have received this email above! (so if you didn’t, sign up!). We have a whole lot of one-off past season dresses as well as new designs all available over our sale weekend 12/13th of April. Also! if you can allow 3-4 weeks we can make up a custom made dress just for you, so pop in to see styles and colours that we have available.

Looking for an affordable place to get your hair and make up done for the ball or another special occasion? We recommend Ali from Ali’s Make up Station. Just give her a call or email to discuss what you need

Screen shot 2014-04-01 at 9.00.47 AM


Much love,  Amber xx


AW Boutique Opening

Amber Whitecliffe Boutique1380801_595114480580062_1874163496_nAmber Whitecliffe Boutique1781142_595114537246723_1368252551_o1796052_595114113913432_305351444_o1973838_595115893913254_908812307_o1913498_595114130580097_1204119972_o1961016_595117477246429_1157000282_o

Hello!, as you may of seen from all our activity on Facebook it has been and eventful time of year for Amber Whitecliffe. Three weeks before the 7th of March I was going for a walk with my fiance, when we spotted a “for lease” sign on this gorgeous looking empty space in Parnell. I immediately envisioned my clothes hanging, AW in gold across the doors and I said to him “thats my store!” and with the help of lots of wonderful friends and a series of sleepless nights later, the doors at my very first boutique 3/323 Parnell Road were open! We have only been open a week and a half and already I have been featured in numerous magazines and blogs, had a bridesmaid dress order and had many new AW customers taking home garments. It has been a surreal but very rewarding experience. The Parnell community seam glad to have me around, and I can only hope the buzz and success continues.

I want to take this chance to thank a few people in particular: Marcel Van Hees my builder for coming after hours to complete my racks and shelving, K.S.Tompson for my 3 mirrors (Bill and Chrisitne went above and beyond their jobs to help me!) Kevin, Frank and Ambrose for helping with “mens stuff”, Hilary Johnston for helping me with design and layout of the boutique, Lindy and Kelly for serving the yummy drinks on the night; Scarlett’s Spritzers, My team of AW staff; Courtney, Galar, Barbara and Vili, whom without there would of been no clothes on the racks! and of course Mum and Elroy-you are amazing human beings I wouldn’t be able to live without!

If you haven’t already been to check us out, please do pop in! Currently we have the new Amber Whitecliffe Winter ’14 range Candy Coated, One off AW pieces, E L I S A B E T H .K W A N leather accessories, Veronica B jewelry and Wolf Cub flower headpieces. Things are selling fast, so don’t miss out!

Photos by K Y DAYARTNE PHOTOGRAPHY, Hilary Johnston and Alex Tea from view people.

Much love, Amber xx