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Golden Pavilion Launch Night!

Tuesday the 11th of August was the night we launched our Spring 2015 Collection, Golden Pavilion, at our new Pop Up Shop in Ponsonby Central!
Thank you so much to everyone who made the effort to come, it was a busy and fun night!! We are in Ponsonby only until the 30th of August so make sure you pop down!

Featured in store in an art piece by Joshua Thompson. He collaborated on a stencil/spray paint work with partner, Alexandra Murphy. Josh and Ali used the unique fabric prints and colour palette in the new collection Golden Pavilion to create the striking artwork. Property Manager of Ponsonby Central, Daniel, was very pleased!

Our Parnell Store is still open and we have lots of new pieces by Trish Peng in store!


All Wrapped Up!


Hello customers!

You asked, we delivered! If you didn’t see, on our social media outlets, we asked you to tell us which AW Jacket/Coat was your favourite and we’d give you 50% OFF that style for one week!

The most popular request was the Dharavi Coat which is available in Black only online but is also available in Grey, Pink and Black in-store. This wrap around coat is the perfect garment for your winter wardrobe. This comfy coat is 100% wool with big pockets and an easy fit, and FOR ONE WEEK ONLY it’s $150 instead of $290! That is a crazy good deal! Limited stock left so get shopping!

Much Love, Amber xx


Baby, it’s cold outside!

This really is turning out to be one of the coldest Winters NZ has had!

Well Amber Whitecliffe is here to the rescue! Our coats are not only super warm but stylish and unique too! Because we only use the BEST fabric-100% Wool or Wool/Cashmere Blends; if you invest in one of our gorgeous Coats and it will last you for many winters to come! And the classic shapes means it won’t go out of fashion-Perfect!

To make it even easier for you to purchase an AW coat we are doing a little interactive this week!  Comment below, on our Facebook, or our Instagram account your favourite style and we’ll put the most popular one on 50% OFF FOR ONE WEEK!


Much Love, Amber xx


Mid Year SALE!



My garments are already at exceptionally good prices for gorgeous made in New Zealand garments from quality fabrics.  However, I had been a busy beaver making lots of stock this year as I developed my style along with what women are after-colours, shapes, fabric etc. This trial and error process has been a great learning curve for my business but has resulted in ALOT of beautiful garments needing to find good homes!

So I have decided to treat my customers to garments at a massive 30% off EVERYTHING!

Offer is only lasting for four days, so jump over to the shop section and use the code AW4SALE or come visit me in Parnell!

Love Amber xx


Winter Gold

AW - GOLDThursday’s Mood Board is inspired by GOLD! Been spending a little too much time on our Pinterest page recently so we put together our favourite things. Gold is great in winter because it goes perfectly with black, navy, chocolate brown and winter white- and it lifts any outfit! An accent of gold in your interiors also lightens a room on a gloomy day.

We are loving the Amber Whitecliffe “Million Skirt“, “Novo Tee“, “Familia Dress” and the Veronica B Diamante Necklace,

Hope you have a golden day! :)

Much Love, AW xx




Helping artists go that step further….



In 2006 my mum; Michele Whitecliffe created The Greg Whitecliffe Charitable Memorial Trust in honour of my dad, who passed away in 2001. Through the trust Mum has been passionately supporting young and emerging artists in the form of “life experiences”, scholarships and awards. The aim is to both encourage young creative school students to pursue art as a career path and to support those whom are already working in the field-giving them an experience or cash donation that will help them expand their business.

 “This is the first solo show of Greg’s work since he passed away. As Co-Founder of Whitecliffe College, Greg’s love for art has inspired my children and me to continue to support other young artists. The works on paper included in the exhibition are monoprints, screenprints and etchings in a price range from $90-$500. This is wonderful affordable art – come and support the Trust and help us make a difference,” Michele Whitecliffe.

The exhibition opens Monday, May 25th from 5.30-7.30pm and will be open Tuesday 26/5 and Wednesday 27/5 from 10am-5pm at Pearce Gallery located at 130 St. Georges Bay Road in Parnell. All funds from the sales support the Trust’s awards and scholarships.

For more information, visit the Greg Whitecliffe website.


Mini Ball Dress Collection

We had a bit of fun shooting this Mini Ball Dress Collection!

It is that time of year again! I have so much fun working with customers to make the perfect Ball dresses! Limited stock is available in store and online of these existing designs so GET IN QUICK!. Or we can make a custom design for you-just come choose a unique fabric from our amazing collection in house, then choose a size and style! (please keep in mind orders take 2-4 weeks)

Love Amber xx


AND THATS A WRAP! #bachelorfever #reow #willyouacceptthisrose


Thanks for a lol afternoon team!

Male Model // Mark Radford
Female Model // Indiana Cooper from RPD Models
Photography // Julie Cooper Creative
Make up & hair // Deanne Pinto


Mother’s Day!


(above myself and mum wearing matching AW outfits on various occasions!)

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday!

So come treat yourself to an Amber Whitecliffe garment and receive a FREE GIFT for you and your mum (mother in law, godmother or grandmother!) Simply spend over $100 between now and Mother;s Day (10th May) and we will give you 2x KAREN MURRELL LIPSTICKS of your choice! (valued at $59.90).  That means you can buy yourself that Amber Whitecliffe dress you have been crushing on AND you will be in mum’s good books, perfect!!

Look forward to seeing you in store soon!

Much Love,  Amber xx08b2a287-96d7-4b16-8328-d05bd8683105


Mumbai Madness-DROP ONE


This Winter Collection was something really different for me! I enjoyed designing it and making it and I hope you do too! All the embroidery fabric is sourced from my trip to India in January; You can read my inspiration here .  The collection so far has been a hit! Pieces are very limited so make sure you pop in to see the first drop soon!


  Drop Two is on its way shortly so keep an eye out!

Much Love, Amber xx


Who made my clothes? #fashrev

ellen outfit skater skirt lace top amberwhitecliffe pumps heels leather jacket6

Photo by Shop Style Conquer (More photos can be found here )

April 24th 2015 Marked #whomademyclothes day.  Two years ago today, 1133 people were killed and over 2500 were injured when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Fashion Revolution Day started from this. Trending on social media, I saw lots of people showing their support by taking a selfie showing the label of their clothing and explaining where it was made with the hashtag #whomademyclothes and #fashrev.

One of those people was Auckland blogger Ellen from Shop Style Conquer. Above she wears the Amber Whitecliffe Maketu Tee.  In the article link below, she explains her thoughts on the matter and her findings of NZ Made VS. Overseas made items from chain stores here

AND another great article by Viva-NZ Herald can be found here

It is a very interesting topic and to be honest I have been reluctant to debate it.  Everyone has a different opinion and reasonings, so instead I thought I would share my process, as I believe it’s important for people to know where their clothes come from.

I design and make everything in NZ. I have a hand in the entire process, from design, fabric choice, make, marketing, right through to selling the garment to the customer. Within the process of creating my garments, I often need people to assist me with the following; pattern making, grading, cutting, sewing, pressing. Those people are paid a healthy wage (the only exception being my husband – he gets paid in kisses!).

I am very passionate about making clothes with beautiful fabric and great quality, and at the moment I have been able to achieve that in New Zealand. As long as people continue to support NZ Made then I will be able to keep it that way, but I have been tempted to make the shift to overseas due to price.

The problem doesn’t seem to be that people don’t understand that NZ Made costs more – most consumers are really on to it and educated to such causes like #whomademyclothes and get that part. The part I find most people are missing is what they are getting for those extra dollars spent.

If you pay for an Amber Whitecliffe NZ Made item, you are:

Receiving an item that will last. I understand that my garments aren’t as cheap as other clothing brands out there. But I have personally ensured that each and every garment I design uses high quality fabrics, that are set to last. You might find that my AW Wool/Cashmere coat is an investment item, but it will last for years to come.

Local contact. I work in my boutique right here in Parnell, Auckland every day. You get to meet the designer and give me your direct feedback. If your garment doesn’t last or it needs a repair, bring it in and I will replace it or repair it for you. If you’re unsure how to wash your AW garment, give me a call. Or if  you just love that AW dress and get so many comments on it, I can make you another one :)

-Get exactly what you want. I have the special service of custom made garments and alterations, so I can tailor a garment to your specific needs. All women have different body shapes and don’t necessarily fit into a specific size – this is where I can come in handy.

Unique and exclusivity. I only make one of each size per design, sometimes less! So if you do spend those extra few dollars on a special dress, you can be reassured that you won’t see anyone else wearing it!

Supporting local business When you buy an AW garment, you’re supporting: the NZ-owned fabric wholesalers where I buy my materials such as H&F and Wall Fabrics, my seamstress Barbara in Henderson, my pattern maker Galar in Titirangi, my workroom and shop assistant Jess (a Whitecliffe fashion student), Jess from Studio Silva – my gorgeous friend who does my graphic design (she is actually based in Australia, but she doesn’t play sport so she’s ok! Haha.), City Construction in Parnell who I pay rent to, and so many others.

-You are supporting me :) A 27-year-old kiwi girl, working hard to make a living out of what she loves to do!

I hope you found this blog post interesting. I would love to hear your thoughts and feedback about NZ Made clothing and why you buy the clothes that you do.

Much Love, Amber xx